The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers
Bristol, Cathedral Church of the Holy & Undivided Trinity

Picture: Bristol, Cathedral Church of the Holy & Undivided Trinity

This page details only the Association wide events during the year. Refer to the individual calendars for Branch events.

Day / Date (& time) Event Location
Mar 6, 10:00am Branch Officers' Meeting Zoom
Mar 6, 2:00pm Management Committee Meeting Zoom
Mar 13, 9:30am Spring Training Day Will not be held
Apr 17, 10:00am Association AGM Zoom
Aug 23 - Aug 29 G&B Ringing Summer School Zoom
Sep 11 RWNYC Worcester
Sep 18, 10:00am Management Committee Meeting Zoom
Oct 9, 9:15am Autumn Training Day CANCELLED
Oct 16 - Oct 31 Firsts Fortnight and Peal and Quarter Peal Festivals
Jan 22, 3:00pm Management Committee Meeting St John, Cirencester
Jan 24 - Jan 29 G&B Ringing Winter School Zoom
Mar 5, 10:00am Branch Officers' Meeting Barnwood
Mar 5, 2:00pm Management Committee Meeting Barnwood

If you have a suitable client available you can link to '' and have the entire events calendar in your own calendar. Copy the link address (URL) above and paste it into your client in the appropriate place. Desktop clients include iCal, Outlook (but not Outlook Express, now called Windows Live Mail), Evolution and Lightning. There are also various clients for smart phones and tablets available. Alternatively use Google Calendars online if you have a gmail account and import by URL. Google will take a little while to access and incorporate the calendar so don't expect immediate results.