The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers

This page is an index to various resources hosted on this site. Some of this is various materials produced for the ringing courses. There are also copies of various Association information.

Course Materials

PDFGrandsire Doubles. Produced for the course on the Spring Training Day which assumes you have knowledge of Plain Bob.

PDFGrandsire Triples. A short two page introduction to the joys of Grandsire Triples, assuming knowledge and experience of Doubles. Produced for the Advanced Training Day in 2010.

PDFStedman Doubles. Again produced for the Advanced Training Day.

Association Information

This is a PDFmap showing, for all the towers in the two dioceses the number of bells and if ringable.

The Belfry Repair Fund exists to make grants for the upkeep and repair of bell installations within the Association's area. See this page for more details.

The PDFrules of the Association were last amended by the AGM in 2006. These are the current set together with brief job descriptions for the branch officers.

The Association has taken out Public Liability Insurance, primarily to cover the Belfry Advisers although it also covers any officer of the Association, at any level on Association business. However it is important to realise what this does not cover. These few words below from the Association Secretary attempt to make this clear.

“We are often asked what the Association Insurance Policy covers as regards our members. Of course, as with all insurance, the document itself is what counts and this note is a rough summary only. You can read the main part of the policy itself below. But as a summary:

1. Members are NOT insured against personal injury at all. They MAY be covered against personal injury in certain circumstances by their PCC’s policy as long as they are members of a local band, BUT they would need to check this with their own PCC.

2. The Association - and its paid up members as individuals - are insured for £2,000,000 against third party claims for being negligent whilst acting as G&B members.

This includes:
Damage to property
Injury to other people.

We regard this as very valuable insurance. It means, for example, that if a member were sued for not supervising another member - or non-member - adequately at a Branch meeting, the member being sued would be covered.”

This is the current PDFpolicy schedule. The full policy document can be found PDFhere.

The Association holds two striking competitions during the year. The first is for six bells and the second for eight bells. These are the PDFcurrent rules for those competitions.

Until 2010 the Association held a Best Kept Tower competition. This has now been replaced with the Tower of the Year award. The award is given to the tower which has furthered the cause of ringing, in whatever fashion. The first competition took place in 2013 and the first awards were made at the AGM. These are the PDFrules for this competition.

The PDFChild Protection Policy as approved by the Management Committee in September 2013.

The PDFData Protection Policy, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation which replaces the older Data Protection Acts. Approved by the Management Committee in May 2018 following a vote at the Association AGM in April 2018.

PDFBelfry Maintenance Checklist. A guide to what to do upstairs, how often and when to call in the experts. Produced by the Co-ordinating Belfry Adviser Malcolm Taylor. Malcolm should also be contacted for an application form for a grant under Association rule 20.

PDFCorrecting Oddstruckness. A guide to the causes of oddstruckness and what may be done to rectify it. Produced by the Co-ordinating Belfry Adviser Malcolm Taylor.