The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers

THE G & B Preparing for the 2019 RWNYC

Preparations for the 2019 RWNYC by the G & B Youth Team began in October 2018 with a social night where the adults introduced the youngsters to the West Country delights of Skittles at The Drillmans Arms at Cirencester. The adults and youngsters were split into teams for some light hearted fun but it was interesting how, as the evening developed, sledging became more prevalent and how competitive some people became.

Next up was a Training Day in October. 20 youngsters were split into 3 groups assisted by 20 adults. Three 6 bell towers were used and Group A rang Rounds & Call Changes and Plain Hunt, Group B concentrated on Plain Bob Minor whilst Group C practiced Surprise Minor. Everyone then joined together to ring on the recently re-hung 10 at Berkeley. We ended 2018 with a visit in November to the 12 at Painswick where 18 youngsters and 16 adults enjoyed a hectic practice - we always enjoy visiting Painswick where we are assured of a warm welcome.

Starting in January at Leckhampton we commenced our regular Saturday evening monthly 8 bell practices. We went on to visit Dursley, Bisley twice, Hempsted and with the final practice in June being at Upton St Leonards. However, April's practice was actually a day long outing to Hereford which involved 18 youngsters and an equal number of ringing adults. The most memorable tower visited was Hereford Cathedral where the youngsters were completely unfazed by the fairly challenging ring of 10. We enjoyed four other rings of 8 during the day which was ended by a visit to Rachel's home in Ledbury to make enthusiastic use of the mini-ring and tea & nibbles in the garden.

In additional to these group activities 4 Youth Team members have rung their first Peals this year and there have been countless other peals and quarter peals arranged for them (and in some cases, that they have arranged themselves) so that many personal achievements have been scored and publicised on BellBoard.

Where the G & B Youth Team began in January 2012 with just 11 young ringers from just 4 centres, membership is now over 24 and from 8 centres. There has been similar growth in support by adult Association members and this includes enthusiastic support by ex G & B Youth Team members who are too old to be eligible for the RWNYC but want to continue to be part of things.