The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers

We had an exhausting day at the RWNYC in Worcester yesterday 11 September. We took 2 teams of 6 with our method team coming 4th in their contest and our our Call Change team came 3rd in their contest.

Overall there were 23 teams from all over the country taking part and Oxford DG came 1st.

We had a great time and, as ever, our young ringers' behaviour was impeccable and their enthusiasm an inspiration.

The greatest victory was most certainly taking part. The organisers of the RWNYC did a fantastic job actually making the event happen in the face of all the difficulties thrown up by Covid.

From the point of view of the G & B, our participation was the result of a team effort which included the young ringers, their parents and a small support group of G & B adults - Kay Hodges and Bridget Lazenby of Cirencester Branch, Rachel Coates of Forest Branch, Margaret Pang of Gloucester Branch and James Joynson of the Wotton Branch.

We must thank the Tower Correspondents, Incumbents and PCCs of Leonard Stanley, Cranham, Brimpsfield, Barnsley, Ampney Crucis, Eastington and Bisley for allowing the Youth Team to visit for practices. This is always important but during these Covid times it was more so - some towers had to refuse our request for us to visit.

Back Row is the Method Team R - L, Treble to Tenor - Izzy, Zoe, Matthew, Richard, Maddie and Mary
Front Row is the Call Change Team R - L, Treble to Tenor - Millie, Daisy, Catherine, Andrew, Ivan and Sam

We hope to see new and returning young ringers at our next practice at Stroud on 9th October and we look forward to the next RWNYC which is in Exeter on Saturday 2nd July 2022.

Ian & Carole Bucknell