The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers

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In view of the current situation with Coronavirus Covid-19 you should ignore any ringing times given in these lists. All practices and Sunday service ringing have been cancelled in accordance with Government regulations and Central Council advice.

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The Association is organised regionally as twelve branches covering the two Church of England dioceses of Gloucester and Bristol. Each branch has between 15 and 35 towers in its area. This online guide covers all towers with between four and thirteen bells and those towers with less than four which are ringable or affiliated. There are 306 of these in the Association's area. Of these 257 are affiliated which means they are eligible for help, advice and grants from the Belfry Repair Fund.

Towers can be listed by branch, by number of bells, by practice night or accessed directly from the map on this page.

Each tower is shown with its dedication and weight of the tenor (the heaviest ringing bell). The weight is given in hundredweight (cwt), except for one: can you find it? (Twenty hundredweight equals one imperial ton, slightly more than one metric tonne or 1000kg.) The nearest postcode for a SatNav destination is shown for all towers, clicking on it gives access to further information about the tower including aerial views, location maps and links to its entry in the Dove guide and the Felstead peal records. Sunday service ringing times and practice nights also appear if known. The tower correspondent's name and phone number will appear if permission has been granted. In a few cases clicking on their name will allow you to send them a message.