Guide to the church bells of the Gloucester and Bristol Dioceses, includes ringing times and information on change ringing.
The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers

We are an association of change ringers covering the Church of England's Bristol and Gloucester Dioceses. These cover the county of Gloucestershire and the north of Wiltshire, together with the city of Bristol.

Interested in learning to ring? We'd love to teach you! Read all about it on our Learning to Ring page which includes the answers to some common questions. We always need ringers and you would be assured of a warm welcome whether you're 9 or 90!

In view of the current situation with coronavirus Covid-19 and in accordance with Government and Central Council advice all ringing for practice, Sunday service or at branch meetings has been suspended. You should therefore consider any ringing times given in the calendar or the tower listings as incorrect and subject to verification. Please do not travel unless you are absolutely certain that any ringing is actually taking place.



Forthcoming Events

You are advised to check any events, either at the branch website or with the branch secretary, before travelling.

Sep 27 : Forest branch, Zoom and Ringing Room
7:00pm What's Pure Treble Bob All About?
Sep 29 : Tewkesbury branch, Cancelled
7:30pm Join practice
Oct 2 : Gloucester branch, Cancelled
7:30pm Surprise Major Practice
Oct 3 : Gloucester branch, Cancelled
4:30pm Branch Striking Competition
Oct 7 : Stroud branch, Cancelled
7:30pm 8 Bell Practice
Oct 7 : Chippenham branch, Cancelled
7:30pm Surprise Major Practice
Oct 8 : Wotton branch, Cancelled
2:00pm Surprise Minor Practice
Oct 10 : Cancelled
9:15am Autumn Training Day
Oct 12 : Stroud branch, CancelledCancelled
7:30pm Plain Bob & Grandsire Practice
Oct 15 : Forest branch, Cancelled
7:30pm 10 bell Practice
Oct 17 - Nov 1 :
Firsts Fortnight and Peal and Quarter Peal Festivals
Oct 17 : Forest branch, Cancelled
5:30pm Annual Forest Supper
Oct 21 : Wotton branch, Cancelled
7:30pm 10 bell Practice
Oct 23 : Wotton branch, Cancelled
7:30pm 8 bell Practice
Oct 24 : Swindon branch, Cancelled
7:30pm Advanced Practice