Guide to the church bells of the Gloucester and Bristol Dioceses, includes ringing times and information on change ringing.
The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers

We are an association of change ringers covering the Church of England's Bristol and Gloucester Dioceses. These cover the counties of Gloucestershire and north Wiltshire, together with the city of Bristol. A diverse area ranging from Swindon in the south east to the border of Wales in the west and the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon in the north.

Here you can find details of the Association, its organisation and all our towers; ringable or not. Contact details if available are also provided. For those interested there is also an explanation of change ringing.

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Forthcoming Events

You are advised to check any events, either at the branch website or with the branch secretary, before travelling.

Sep 20 : Forest branch, Lydney
7:30pm 10 bell Practice
Sep 20 : Chippenham branch, Langley Burrell
7:30pm Doubles Practice
Sep 21 : Wotton branch, Chipping Sodbury
7:15pm Joint 8 bell Practice
Sep 22 : Chippenham branch, tba
Branch Coach Outing, non ringers welcome
Sep 22 : Wotton branch, tba
3:00pm Striking Competition
Sep 22 : Bristol Rural branch, Syston
7:00pm Practice
Sep 22 : Swindon branch, Rodbourne Cheney
7:30pm Elementary Practice - CANCELLED
Sep 26 : Chippenham branch, Great Somerford
7:00pm Practice
Sep 29 : Cirencester branch, Coln St Aldwyn
7:30pm Surprise Practice
Oct 1 : Forest branch, Westbury on Severn
7:30pm Practice
Oct 3 : Chippenham branch, Chippenham, St Andrew
7:30pm Surprise Major Practice
Oct 3 : Stroud branch, Horsley
7:30pm 8 Bell Practice
Oct 3 : Bristol branch, Henbury
7:30pm 8 bell practice
Oct 5 : Gloucester branch, Barnwood
7:30pm Surprise Major Practice
Oct 6 : Wotton branch, Cromhall
4:00pm Ringing
Oct 6 : Gloucester branch, Painswick
7:30pm Practice
Oct 8 : Swindon branch, Purton
7:30pm Practice
Oct 9 : Stroud branch, Stroud
7:30pm Practice
Oct 11 : Wotton branch, Cromhall
2:00pm Surprise Minor Practice
Oct 13 - Oct 28 :
Firsts Fortnight and Peal and Quarter Peal Festivals
Oct 13 :
9:15am Autumn Training Day - CANCELLED
Oct 15 : Chippenham branch, Lacock
7:30pm Practice
Oct 18 : Forest branch, Lydney
7:30pm 10 bell Practice
Oct 19 : Wotton branch, Chipping Sodbury
7:15pm Joint 8 bell Practice
Oct 20 : Bristol branch, TBA
3:00pm Striking Competition
Oct 20 : Forest branch, Newent
5:30pm Ringing
Oct 20 : Forest branch, The Dog at Over
7:30pm Annual Forest Supper